Alexander Nasta is the current leader of the Deep Space

Alexander has stated that he came up with the Trash Planet Initiative to clean up the planets in his section of space. Alexander is seemingly a recluse, only seeing his members under rare circumstances.

He has a man in his house who is wrapped in bandages and had his mind wiped my William Safran that he calls a pet, as stated by Maurice.

Gene Type 2: Rapture Edit

Alexander has not displayed much usage of his gene type, but in episode 5 he shows strange behavior, almost reading something off of his arms. Only 2 members of the DSR know of his gene types capability, those being Dae-Su and Maurice. They both keep secrets very well, so nobody besides the 3 know what it is.

Known Relations Edit

Alexander has been shown to know all of his members personally, and being aware of all their secrets. He is like a father to them all, but some of them do not appreciate how much Alexander has done for them, shown by Maurice. Some of them however, are unwilling to go against any of his orders, shown by William and Dae-Su.


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