Nicholas is an old man who says he is about 40 years old, however he appears to be around 80-90. He wears tattered clothing that was common in the War Era and a fake beard (not known why).

Biography Edit

Nicholas Dee can only remember living on 12-23. He has no recollection of the past, all he knows is living alone.

In episode 1, he is informed that his planet is now a dumping ground for the surrounding planets. After this, he is caught up in a mess between a leader of the underground and 2 members of the Deep Space Regime. Ultimately, he leaves 12-23 with Lando Miles and sets out on a journey to get 12-23 back to a habitable state.

Gene Type 4: Magic Trick Edit

Nicholas was born with a Gene Type 4, that allows him to make a request and fulfill it in a state of stopped time. In short, if Nicholas says "I want to get a bowl of soup" time would halt and let him get a bowl of soup, and only after he got a bowl of soup would time resume. This is displayed in Episode 6 when Nicholas says "I'm going to the ship" and promptly disappears.

He is very hesitant to use this because he doesn't know if he will make a request too big to fulfill and die in his stopped time. He also ages regularly in the stopped time, and this is the reason that he is only 40 years old but appears extremely elderly.

Behind the scenes Edit

Nicholas has knowledge of languages and cultures despite only remembering his life on 12-23, as pointed out in the comments of a video. Could this be a hint? We might find out later.

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