Standing Bull appears in Episode 6&7 of Trash Planet.


Standing Bull is an old man, who is known to some as a Fortune Teller due to his like-named Gene Type. He claims to have known Nicholas Dee from 20 years ago, but Nicholas does not reciprocate. He was good friends with Lando Miles and Caesar Tortellini. In episode 7 however, his life was tragically cut short by Maurice Vildalgo.

Gene TypeEdit

Standing Bull has Gene Type 5: Fortune Teller. From what is apparent it allows him to give vague interpretations of the future, often using animals in his descriptions. This ability seems to physically tire him.


This is a list of Fortunes that Standing Bull gave before his untimely death.

• "A black dog will send a red lion to take the wolf's life" (to Lando)

• "The fragile man's fate will be stolen by a grey wolf." (to Caesar)

• "The future is full of the past for the old wolf. However, for a short time only, the wolf will soon leave his pack, entering into oblivion by divine hands." (to Nicholas)


• He refers to someone as "the Old Wolf" during their conversation. It is possible this is Nicholas Dee, Alexander Nasta, or someone else. This could be essential to the fortunes he tells Lando Miles and Caesar Tortellini.

• "by divine hands" in the fortune he tells Nicholas may be a reference to the Gene Type of Maurice Vidalgo.

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